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Indonesia is a very beautiful country. Have abundant natural resources. Natural resources, minerals and energy, and as well as marine resources that are potentially for the welfare of all citizens up to the next generations, and these are also the responsibility to maintain balance and care for the environment well.

Therefore in order to support the implementation of government programs in law to maintain a healthy environment and good for a better future, then we PT. Multi Trans Cargo declare themselves also participate by becoming a company that provides collection and transport services and Hazardous waste Disposal.

PT.Trans Multi Cargo has been established since 1998 as a transportation services company, forwarding and provide shipping services between the domestic and overseas. And Since permit Publication of the Ministry of Environment Indonesia in 2005, Our Company became one of the company as collecting and transporting all kinds of waste from the producer ies Company in Batam Island, Sumatra, Lombok (NTT) and we want to provide services to throughout Indonesia. For ease of service, we have several branches in Pekan Baru, Medan, Jakarta and NTT (Lombok) and headquarters in Batam, Riau Islands.

Let's together keep Indonesian natural beautiful, sustainable, prosperous and Welfare.

Our Address

Batam Office:

Komp. Ruko Duta Mas
Blok H No. 11 B
Batam Center, Batam

Pekanbaru Office:

Komp. CCN Blok B No. 1
Jln. Tuanku Tambusai

Jakarta Office:

Komp. New Arcade Blok A No. 10
Paramount Gading Serpong

Sales Marketing Office:

Phone: +62 778 - 463446
Fax: +62 778 - 463445

Email: sales@multicargotrans.com